Cloud Based VoIP Phone Systems for Small Business

I am sure everyone has heard of VoIP but not everyone understands what it means.  VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol basically it allows you to make phone calls over the data network such as the Internet.  VoIP is popular because it offers a lot of same features as a traditional POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) lines but many more advanced features as well.  The flexibility and cost savings of a VoIP Phone system makes it an attractive option for small businesses.

Most businesses are used to having an on premise phone system, equipment onsite that controls the phones in your office.  This options can be expensive because of the up front costs involved in purchasing and setting up the system.  This option can typically cost thousands of dollars to implement.

The VoIP phone systems can be setup on premise but they can also be setup in the cloud.  Cloud is a fancy name for the internet and cloud hosted systems are computers or servers connected to the Internet.  These systems are typically located in a data centers with redundant power and Internet connections.  You pay a monthly fee to have your systems hosted here. Chicago VoIP Phone System company offers great prices on cloud based systems.  Unlike other companies who charge per line they offer plans based on usage.


Cloud hosted systems offer a more reliable connection compared to an on premise.  For example most small businesses do not have multiple internet connections or reliable power backup in case of an outage.  This causes downtime for the businesses and you can avoid that by having your systems in the cloud with backup power and internet connections.

If you have multiple offices or a mobile workforce such as sales staff who work from remote locations, cloud PBX solution makes it really easy to connect those users together.  You don’t have to worry about firewalls, routers and other infrastructure at each location to grant access.  The beauty of cloud based system is that the network admin will take care of everything and you can don’t have to worry about hardware maintenance.


How to Find the best camera on a tight budget?

Okay so you are looking for a digital camera on a tight budget and not sure what to buy?   Digital cameras can be very expensive but you will be surprised to know that you can find some great deals on digital cameras online.  Camera technology changes very rapidly.  All the camera manufacturers are trying to stay on top of the competition by release the best camera they can.  As you know that technology becomes obsolete within 1 – 2 years.  That does not mean that an older camera is not a great camera.   You can find some excellent deals on cameras that are 1 – 2 years old but still over many attractive features.


I have personally purchased some “high end” cameras that cost around $2k – $3k for about the third of the cost.  You may ask how.  Well it’s actually pretty easy.  I found a slightly used camera (1.5 years old from ebay for about $800.  The camera was only 1.5 years old but the price had dropped quite a bit.  I loved the camera it works great and I am still trying to master all the features and functions it has to offer.  You can find great reviews of best compact camera along with best mirrorless camera and if you like to travel the best travel camera and also the best bridge camera.

After you read all the reviews you can simply head to amazon or and do a little bit of research to find a used camera that will save you a lot of money and still enjoy all the great features these cameras have to offer.  So don’t miss out and settle for less you can purchase a great camera at the fraction of the cost.

Good Luck!

My kids love their new cartoon Shower head

cartoonshowerheadkids1 kidsshowerhead

I have some exciting information to share with you all.   How many of you have to struggle with your little ones to get them in the shower?  My wife would always complain about our 5 year old not wanting to stay in the shower for more than 2 minutes.   He always called the experience “boring” and said he rather play with his iPad!   Anyways so I started to do some research on how to make the shower a more fun experience for kids.  Did you know they have Elmo, Mickey Mouse, and other fun cartoon characters for shower heads?  Guess what I found a lot of useful information on web.  I had no clue that they even made shower heads for kids!


So as you know I am on this website to share my tips / tricks and best of what I find online.  So here is another great find that I think the parents would absolutely love!   The website has a lot of reviews on different kinds of shower heads and they also provide ratings on many of the shower heads.

So I bought a shower head with a cool looking turtle character.  I installed the shower head and asked our son to come take a shower.  He walked up the shower and his jaw just dropped.  He was like “what is that” and where did you get that from.  “Can I play with it” and guess what he stayed in the shower for 15 minutes and didn’t want to come out.  He thought it was a coolest thing ever.

We’ve had this amazing shower head for about 3 weeks now and he still loves taking a shower and playing with it.   My wife is happy and actually gives me credit for it!  (That only happens on rare occasions!)

So if you are looking for a great shower head you can check out this website for more reviews and ratings.

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